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2 days training with international speaker Maria Rygge
– Change the world and make money on it!

As woman entrepreneurs, many of us are keeping a low profile. We know we have a message to share, and we have some burning passion behind what we do. Often, that passion is not visible to our customers and partners.


The people who share their passion

  • Are likely to get more customers
  • Are more easily attract all kinds of business opportunities
  • Can charge a higher fee for what they do
  • Last, but not least, they will contribute in a bigger way to making the world a better place!

This workshop isn’t just another presentation skills workshop teaching you how to use your hands, voice and powerpoint slides.

This is deep work on your self-confidence, becoming who you really are and sharing your message on a totally different level than before.

Female Speaker training

This weekend seminar is for you if you:

  • are a woman
  • have a passion for something
  • feel like you want to share your passion with the world
  • want to make the world a better place
  • are eager to get more attention to who you are and/or what you do
  • want to charge higher fees for your services or products
  • are struggling with low self esteem when it comes to yourself and your message

In these intense two days, you will learn:

  • why you have not dared to speak your message louder
  • how your passion is important to humankind
  • the tools to speak your passion from a stage
  • to turn your greatest fear into an asset
  • how to make a difference for the people around you and thereby make the world a better place
  • and how this can make you earn more money on what you do!

Practical info

Only 10 participants
(this workshop will only be held with minimum 5 participants)

The price is DKK 3.995 + vat
(after August the 7th the price will be DKK 5.500 + vat)

Latest signup will be August the 14th.

The workshop will take place in Aarhus (location will be announced later). The public speaking sunday night will be at Godsbanen, Aarhus.

The price include lunch, fruits, coffee/the and a little surprise sunday night after speaking.

Testimonials – what other people say

Maria has a way of connecting so deeply to my soul and passion that almost every time I hear her speak she brings the tears out of me. She awakes my women lion and she reminds me of my greatness and she empowers me with her own authentic hunger to make the world a better place. I feel how she wants me to succeed and it makes me believe that I can actually be everything I was meant to be because I have seen Marias own transformation. She walks the talk and that for me is priceless. Thank you, Maria!!!

Kadri Kostjutsenko, inspiring speaker “more then customer service”


When Maria is speaking, she is so present, so human, so herself in the most funny amazing way. That makes me feel her deeply and she is having a huge impact on me. If you want to be more on stage, want to have more courage and want to get your message out, she can teach you how. I highly recommend her and her work.

– Fabiola Christensen, Branding and marketing expert (


Maria put personal development and speaking in a new perspective, by reminding me that we are whole humans, with different personalities. When I compare myself to others I forget that I have some strengths that others don’t have. So thank you Maria, for asking the deep questions that created reflection and made a difference for me.

— Susanne Knudsen, Healthy choice facilitator (

About Maria

Maria has worked with organizing, developing and teaching events most of her professional career. During the last 6 years, Maria has been organizing and promoting personal and business development events in the Nordics. She has been travelling with and studying closely some of the best speakers in the world, and what they do to create attraction and deliver their messages powerfully. Sharing the stage with them as a Master of Ceremonies on events up to 1000 participants, and also teaching a lot of different workshops herself, has taught Maria to be confident on stage.

For her, becoming a better speaker has been the wildest ride to accepting herself as she is, allowing herself to take up space, trusting that her message is strong enough to be worth spreading. She discovered that when she allows herself to be seen more, being the playful and powerful woman she is, she is also more effective on engaging the audience. Her passion is to share the process with other women to help them to shine and spread their messages.

Seeing the imbalance between male and female speakers with international recognition and power also inspires her strongly to help more women to take their first (or second) steps onto a bigger stage.



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